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Sex health: 7 Reasons Why Love and Sex Go Together

Although love and Sex health are two very different things they are always clubbed and placed together.

There are innumerable opinions in society when these two things are clubbed together.

Different people connect these two in different ways and that is quite difficult for those looking for a concrete answer.

While a substantial part of the world thinks that these two are almost interchangeable and connected, others think the opposite.

The former says that is there is sex involved it is due to love only. They think that love has to be there for those involved in sex.

However, there is no evidence of it being the truth.

The others who think that these two things are not at all related.

In fact, they think that one can attain sex with or without love or the other way around.

There are numerous reasons why love and sex go together and some are mentioned hereafter:

1. Love And Sexual Desire Come From The Same Place

sex and love, love and physical relationship, can good sex make a man fall in love,      

Science, as usual, has played its part in elucidating the facts to the world.

Leaving emotions and opinions away from the debate, let us ponder over what science has to say.

A research conducted in Canada in the year 2012 found that a part of the human brain handles all the emotions and surprisingly, sexual desires emerge from that part only.

The insular cortex is the part, which supervises/regulates both emotional love and sexual desire.

This study influenced people to believe that both love and sex are connected at many levels.

It says that we can have sex in the absence of love but the emotions are almost impossible to handle.

Further adds that sexual desire and love initiate the same chain of reactions in one’s brain.

It means that one can easily be confused over the experience.

This also becomes the reason behind people thinking that they are in love after having sex with someone.

Scientifically speaking, being in love with the person you are having sex with, makes it a more pleasant experience.

2. Sex health and Love Makes Sex More Fulfilling

sex and love, love and physical relationship, can good sex make a man fall in love,

The researchers at Penn State did a study where they questioned about 98 women.

From the conclusions, they found that the majority of the women who questioned believed that the presence of love makes the sexual experience more satisfying and fulfilling.

The results were regardless of the relationship status of those involved.

3. Love Adds Trust and Comfort To The Mix

sex and love, love and physical relationship, can good sex make a man fall in love,

Now there can be different reasons for Sex health being more fulfilling.

There about two reasons behind that and they are very closely aligned.

The first one is the presence of trust.

You certainly cannot trust someone you don’t really know which means that you cannot take one-night stands seriously as they have never provided the best of the fulfilling experience.

One night stands also don’t stand up to the love relationships. Where there is love there is trust as well.

You do not feel worried about judged or getting shocked.

Having a more intimate relationship packed with trust and love means that more open during the sexual experience.

You are free to share your things with the person you love whether you like or dislike those things.

You can also easily ask for the things you like without hesitation.

The best part is that you know that you loved and this feeling is more than enough.

4. Sex is More Meaningful With Love

Sexual desire supposed to be a way of showing love to your other half. Certainly, you can have love without sex but that would be plain as it would only be sex, no love.

Although your body will enjoy it, you will physically enjoy it; the mental relaxation would be amiss.

You will feel empty as you will realize that nothing else is going to happen.

5. People Try Unsuccessfully To Fill the Void of Love with Sex

A lot many people are just looking for one – night stands. And you probably be knowing one or two like them.

They are those who are looking for sex but not for relationships.

Love in those nightstands is totally missing. A person who constantly searches for new and new sexual encounters remains empty at the end of the day.

To fill the same void the next day, they continue the search.

These sexual fulfillments are short termed. There is no lasting positive impact of these sexual encounters.

If for once this person loved, he/she would stop wandering for this false satisfaction.

6. Marriages without Sex Struggle or Fail

sex and love, love and physical relationship, can good sex make a man fall in love,

There are numerous jokes and gags about what happens to sex when a person married.

The subject is, however, not a matter of laughter. It has emerged as a serious and real problem in the marriages of the present time.

In marriages, sexual encounters become a medium of communication of love and desire.

Everyone wanted his/her spouse. So, if one’s partner refuses to have sex then he is communicating the message that he doesn’t want his partner sexually.

And it makes them feel that they are not even loved.

If the marriage continues in the same way, many things can happen.

The very first thing is that the partner that feels unloved or ignored will surely find fulfillment from other sources.

This thing can quickly lead to extra-marital affairs.

If one withholds this wish and this doesn’t happen, the partner can begin to shy away from the partner or even the relationship of Sex health.

This leaves the other person feeling unloved and unwanted.

Ultimately, this whole thing causes distance, struggle, and hardships throughout the marriage.

7. Sex in A Loving Relationship Deepens the Feelings of Love

sex and love, love and physical relationship, can good sex make a man fall in love,

Those couples who love each other tend to have sex more often than those not.

When both of the partners engaged and have sex on a regular basis, the feelings of love for each other deepens manifolds.

This reason backs the very opening of the article-the first reason.

This substantiates the working of the brain. It is the reason behind the love-feeling die in any sexless marriage.

Undoubtedly, love and sex are connected.

Irrespective of society trying to remove love from the context of Sex health, it is next to impossible to do so. These two things intertwined.

Having sex without love is possible but it heads nowhere but endless void.

Loveless sex is one way that leads to more and more difficulties and emotional turmoil.

Having sex without love takes a toll on one’s feelings.

On the other hand, if you have sex and love in a relationship, you fulfilled and satisfied.

Some of the problems, which can arise due to two being disconnected, are:

  • Emotional Emptiness
  • Misunderstood experience
  • You use people or used by them
  • Relationships lost

If you feel like something is coming in the way of your relationship, vent it out.

Converse the feelings to either a friend or a therapist because people with experience can lead to a wise decision.

Keeping all inside can rot you and your relationship.

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