White Shoes: All You Need is to Maintain it!

White is a color of serenity and it gets dirty easily. It has become a tough job over the years to clean this color and make it brand new. Be it you canvas shoes, leather shoes or other kicks.

The fact that they cannot be washed easily makes them a wardrobe staple.

What’s more concerning about them is that they show the slightest of hints-the scratches, spots, etc. Keeping them clean has become a challenge on its own. So, how does one keep these shoes clean? Well, we have to search out.

The advent of a technological era has made us lazy and we need to change this. The best way to take care of shoes and clothes is hand washing.

Whether you have sneakers, shoes, kicks, all you need to take care of is the way you wash them.

It has been noted that spinning them in the washing machine would definitely lead to their wearing and tearing while the traditional methods help them stay brand new.

It is also very crucial to note down that if you put your shoes in the machine, it will not only make your shoe stains worse but also defect your machine.

Now one thing, which is attached to making white clothes clean, is Bleaching. It might look like a better and much convenient option for a majority of people.

It is very true that it cleans the clothes but what’s more concerning is its power to weaken the threads. So, if you are bleaching your shoes, you are actually making them weak.

The substitute for bleach can be like baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

Traditional cures are the best and so are the home remedies. It is recommended that one should use white toothpaste to clean the stains. Believe it or not, it works just like erasers.

One thing, which has to be taken care of over here, is that the toothpaste has a cream formula and doesn’t have micro-cleansing crystals or those particles which kill the thread.

It can be used by slightly making your shoes wet and then applying the toothpaste on it and then rinsing it off.

How to Clean White Canvas Shoes

To wash the canvas shoes make one provision- fill the bucket with a gallon of water and then add one cup of baking soda. To this, add a drop of laundry detergent.

Before dipping your shoes in it make sure that you have removed the shoelaces from it. Then soak the shoes and shoelaces in the same solution for about an hour. Afterward, use a cleaning brush or toothbrush to scrub the shoe.

How to Clean White Leather Shoes

Leather doesn’t get along washing. What one can do here is that: he/she can use wipes. Make sure to wet the wipes and then carefully making circular motion over the leather surface of the shoes, which would eradicate the stains and make it white!

How to Clean White Suede Shoes

For suede shoes, one can get a suede cleaning kit. It can be bought online or in the nearest supermarkets to you. Using it would be enough to clean the shoes.

Athletic Shoes

So many athletic shoes don’t get finishing with any wash. It’s very important to consider the fact that athletic shoes get faded with every wash. So, to clean your shoes you should use baby wipes.

These wipes can get the dirt and stains out of the shoes. Also, if you don’t get baby wipes, make use of the wet wipes and they would do the same thing while taking care of the color of your shoes.

Yellow Midsoles

Midsoles can get fickle with time and their color can fade. So, here one can use lightening hair products from any of the brands one feels like. How? Tap the cream on the midsoles and gently brush it. Afterward, cover the treated area with plastic wrap.

After washing them, place them in the sun and let them dry naturally. The very next morning, remove the plastic wrap, rinse them off and dry with a towel.


Now there are two ways to remove scratches from the shoes, either by sandpaper or by nail polish. How? Use white nail polish and apply it to the scratches. If that doesn’t work, go for the other method which has been mentioned hereafter.

Use sandpaper. Take a small piece of sandpaper which is about 600-grade or a little higher. Some also use 1500 grade sandpaper. Then rub that paper on the scratch of shoes until it disappears or gets smooth.

Then after that, soak a cotton ball in acetone (100%) and clean it. Afterward, use leather paint for the sneaker to restore the factory finish.


Shoelaces need to be clean and clean separately. Remove the shoelaces and then place them in a sink filled with hot.

Add soapy water and stain remover to the water. After separating the shoelaces, soak them in the made solution.

Let them stay there for about 30 minutes and after that get them out of the bucket. Rinse them thoroughly and let them dry.

It becomes quite easy to clean anything once you have taken care of the stuff from which it has been made. So, make sure that the stuff is getting the proper conditioning and care, which would help you do the job easily.

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