Home remedies which aid in weight loss.

When it comes to loose inches there are lots of articles available online most of which won’t work

These are the techniques that I myself followed and have seen good results.

Weight loss journey is all about consistently following a regime, healthy eating, and physical work.

Physical work in the sense it can be, walking, jogging, gymming, yoga, stretch, cardio swimming or any activity which burns our energy and keeps us active.

As per my knowledge weight loss can be proportional to the amount of work done. i.e the amount of food intake vs how much we burn.

Healthy food habits + physical activity = weight loss

Most of the time it’s all about what we eat and even quantity also matters.

There is saying “watch what you eat “ eating properly balanced nutrition food, in a proper quantity with burning some calories can help us to be healthy, active and live long lives.

Some home remedies which aids in losing weight are –

✔Drinking 1-2 glasses of hot water upon a wake-up empty stomach.

✔Water is essential for our body and even helps to weight loss.

✔Water even detoxes our body by flushing toxins.

✔Consuming protein which helps in building lean mass and even aids in burning more calories.

✔Proteins preferably in natural than artificial ones.

✔Proteins which are easily available in the day to day life are eggs, almonds, oats, cottage cheese, chicken breast,

✔ Greek yogurt, milk, lean beef, broccoli, tuna, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin seeds

✔All types of fish,sprouts, peanuts,corn,beans,potatoes,cauliflower,cabbage,hemp

✔Intake of Omega 3 fatty acids will help in losing extra inches, items like chia seeds, soybeans, flax seeds, eggs, fish and nuts.

✔Inclusion of vitamin c in each meal, which also promotes weight loss oranges, lemons, berries, kiwifruit, tomatoes, green capsicum and so on.

✔Replacing seasonal fruits instead of a meal, which thereby reduction of calories.

✔Inclusion of green tea, herbal tea for relaxing and soothing effect, which also includes antioxidants.

✔Reducing the intake of salt and sugar.

✔Reduction of all whites like sugar, maida, dairy, and white rice.

✔Including salads and fruits will help a lot with weight loss.

✔Including beans, millet, and fresh veggies.

✔Latest consumption of 2-3 liters of water.

It’s better to avoid junk and outside food and have a healthy home cooked food. Portion control is very important and can have any food with proper limitation and inclusion of nutrition in it.

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