Prenatal Yoga: 4 exercises for Pregnancy

There are many reasons why doctors recommend yoga for pregnant women.

Besides a low-impact physical activity, many studies offer multiple benefits for both mother and baby.

One study states that yoga is the best exercise for pregnancy, since it is more efficient than walking or doing exercises of prenatal classes, and it can be performed safely in women who suffer from depression.

In fact, yoga reduces depressive symptoms during pregnancy, especially while accompanying the workouts of postures with deep relaxation and meditation, which makes it ideal for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Other advantages of practicing parental yoga are that it helps reduce stress and increases immune function and strengthen our body.

Also, yoga not only helps for accurate pregnancy maintenance but also prepares you for delivery, as another study found that it helps reduce pain during delivery and could even help reduce the likelihood of having a cesarean.

Yoga Poses That You Can Practice During Pregnancy:



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Sit comfortably on the floor on a folded blanket or cushion, with your legs crossed. If this position is not comfortable for you, you can also use a chair.

    • Relax the shoulders away from the ears and let the arms fall to the sides of the trunk.
    • Put your hands on the thighs and gently join the thumb and forefinger (forming chin mudra, the gesture of consciousness).
    • Drop your chin, inhale, and slowly turn your neck to the right.
    • Stay in this position for a few moments watching how the entire left side of your neck stretches.
    • Exhale and return with the head to the center.
    • Repeat to the left side, always trying to keep the shoulders, jaw, and face relaxed.
    • Prenatal yoga relaxes you, makes you more flexible, and connects you with yourself.



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This exercise cannot be missed in prenatal yoga classes, as it is great for relieving low back pain and back pain in general.

In addition, it helps to relax the pelvis while offering the baby a relaxing and gentle rocking.

    • Stand on all fours with your legs spread as far as it is comfortable for your belly and baby, arms outstretched, and shoulders above your wrists.
    • Inhale and gently arch the spine raising the head.
    • The movement arises from the pelvis, while the arms and legs remain motionless.
    • Exhale and round the back with the gaze towards the navel.
    • Repeats ten times in a dynamic way and coordinates breathing with movement.
    • Rest a few seconds and repeat again.



The “child” is one of the star asanas to rest. Induces introspection and mental calmness and, by lengthening the entire spine, relaxes the muscles of the back.

    • From the previous position, take the weight towards the heels and relax the head on the floor or on a cushion.
    • Open the legs to fit the belly between the thighs and that both you and the baby are comfortable.
    • Stretch your arms forward with your palms facing the ground.
    • Or leave them on the sides if it’s more comfortable for you.
    • Relax the base of the spine to the heels to lengthen the back.
    • Connect with your slow and deep breathing and relax for several minutes.



The “goddess” is a position that will fill you with confidence in yourself.

In addition, it strengthens a lot the legs, the back and the pelvic area.

Feel how the strength of the Goddess expands within you leaving you a sense of security and determination.

You will be an excellent mother!

    • Stand with your legs apart and your toes pointing outwards.
    • Inhale, open your arms, raise them above your head by drawing a circle, and join the palms of your hands.
    • Exhaling, bend your knees until you reach the semi-squat position and lower your hands to the center of your chest.
    • Repeat about ten times.
    • As an alternative, you can execute this posture in a static way, adopting the final movement and holding it for 5 or 6 slow and deep breaths.


Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

    • Improves body posture and reduces back pain It encourages sleeping well.
    • However, it is a relaxing activity; it reduces the sensation of stress and fatigue.
    • You form an even stronger connection with your baby by focusing on your breathing and thus becoming more aware of your body.
    • Yoga makes you stronger and gives you confidence for giving birth to new life.
    • I make you happier and rejuvenated.


Things You Should Keep in Mind While Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

Although yoga is one of the best exercises to practice during pregnancy, as with any physical activity, there are certain things you should avoid to practice it safely. Among them are the following:

    • Avoid doing yoga types like ashtanga that require a lot of effort.
    • The hatha yoga or prenatal yoga is best for pregnancy, which is safe to do and are adapted for pregnancy.
    • Avoid yoga classes having practices at high temperatures.
    • You should not practice any type of physical activity in hot temperature or inadequate ventilation.
    • When doing yoga, you should avoid making certain postures that compress the belly or that require a lot of stretching of the abdominal area, as well as postures that require you to lie on your back.
    • Inverted postures are also not recommended during pregnancy.
    • Each yoga posture should be performed with comfort and without forcing the body.
    • If you cannot talk nor have trouble breathing well while practicing a posture, you are trying too hard.

Whether you have not practiced yoga before your pregnancy, ideally you go to a prenatal yoga class with a certified instructor, since they are trained to know which postures are safe to practice during pregnancy.

In addition, during the class, they will teach you to breathe correctly, which will help you relax and focus better, as well as to improve your breathing, which will be very useful when you have contractions during childbirth.

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